Regulation of advertising

Act on Regulation of Advertising

Pursuant to Act No. 40/1995 Coll., on regulation of advertising, tobacco product advertising must contain clear warning of at least 20 % advertising message in size: "The Ministry of Health warns: smoking causes cancer".

As for written advertisements, the text of the warning must be on white background arranged along the bottom edge of the advertising surface of at least 20 % of the surface in size. The text must be printed in black large bold letters and must stretch over no less than 80 % of the height of the white background.


Audio-visual advertising must contain subtitles containing warning of the same text.

Tobacco product advertising must not target individuals below 18 years of age and must not entice into smoking through words or, for example, by depicting scenes with open cigarette packs or scenes where people smoke or hold cigarettes, packs of cigarettes or other tobacco products or smoking articles.

Tobacco product advertising can only be placed in one of the points of sale of tobacco products stipulated explicitly in the act (for more details, see, e.g., the “Anti-smoking regulation" section).