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Our traditional products

We offer adult consumers a range of products to choose from our traditional products such as cigarettes, make-your-own and roll-your-own tobacco to Next Generation Products.

The primary component of all our companies’ traditional products is of course tobacco and the character, flavour and aroma is determined mostly by the tobaccos used. In fact, cigarette brands can contain many kinds of tobacco – blending different types of leaf from many growing regions and harvests.

Certain food-type ingredients, or flavourings, are added to balance the natural tobacco taste. Several of the flavourings used are recognized food stuffs, such as sugar, while others are derived from natural herbs and spices or their essential oils. Nicotine is not added in making cigarettes. It occurs naturally in all varieties of tobacco plants.

We support restrictions and prohibitions on certain ingredients if the science proves they either increase the toxicological effect of tobacco products, enhance the pharmacological effects of nicotine or encourage underage smoking.